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  • Qty. Price
  • 50x Cream Chargers $45
  • 100x Cream Chargers $80
  • 150x Cream Chargers $115
  • 300x Cream Chargers $165
  • 600x Cream Chargers $285


  • Qty. Price
  • 1x Whipper & 50x Chargers $100
  • 1x Whipper & 100x Chargers $140
  • 1x Whipper & 200x Chargers $180
  • 1x Whipper & 400x Chargers $280
  • 1x Whipper & 600x Chargers $400


  • Qty. Price
  • 50x Strawberry/Blueberry $50
  • 100x Strawberry/Blueberry $90
  • 150x Strawberry/Blueberry $130
  • 200x Strawberry/Blueberry $150
  • 360x Strawberry/Blueberry $240


We understand that you may need your cream chargers supply as soon as possible, so we offer fast nang delivery. Melbourne is a big city, but our nang delivery service makes it possible for you to get high-quality cream chargers in less than an hour at an affordable price! If it turns out we are not able to deliver your order on time, you can get a free gift upon request or a 100% refund if you decide you no longer would like your order (provided that the driver isn’t already on their way to you). If it happens that during peak hours, on Saturday or Sunday, or another busy time the delivery time needs to be prolonged, you will be notified immediately.

What Are Nangs and How We Can Buy Them?

In Australia, nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers are Popular as “Nangs.” Nangs can also be referred to as any brand of nitrous oxide charger, including iSi and Mosa. Although nangs are used commonly for preparing desserts, they can also be used to infuse alcohol, make hot beverages, and produce foam for sauces such as Dutch sauce. Nangs online are now available for same-day delivery, and you can also get them on our website or any nearby store.

Besides, Whipped-Cream chargers are small pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O) canisters that are used to rapidly aerate liquids, saving time and effort while preparing many treats. Whipped cream bulbs are commonly known as nangs, cream chargers, Canisters. They’re also known as “whippits,” a slang word for them. “Whip-it” is also a well-known brand.

Moreover, Cream chargers are essentially small gadgets that can be useful in the kitchen. With a few simple changes, you can go from fussing over the cream to having it done in no time. Make sure to get your canisters from a reliable company that only utilizes certified pure N2O.

Nanghub offers the best Professional Brands nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers which are manufactured and certified to be 100 % secured pure nitrous oxide (N2O). Nanghub offers 24 hour delivery services.

Wholesale Nang Delivery

Many bars and restaurants utilize our products for flavor infusions to make the ideal drink, cocktail, food flavorings, infusions, foams and mousses, and so on. Not merely for whipping cream, the ‘Cream Charger’ has a variety of other uses.

We’re Australia’s largest and most reputable whipped cream distributor at Nanghub. As a premier wholesale Nang Delivery in Geelong and Melbourne, we can provide you with as much stock as you require, as often as you need it, and with free pick-up from our facility. We provide you with affordable pricing on a variety of brands, as well as a minimum order quantity that meets your requirements.

Different Range of Nangs

We offer a variety of brands, including the top leading brands of Australia like ISI, Supremewhip, Bestwhip, Mosa, SSES, Whipit, Liss, Infusionmax, and Cream charger and canister bundles. We offer the highest quality cream chargers to assist you in your culinary pursuit – you can rest assured that you’ll only ever receive the best quality culinary level nitrous oxide (N20) to help and produce perfect whipped cream, over and over.

Payment Method for Nangs Delivery Service

We accept cash, PayID and credit card payments with 100% Money-back guarantee. We will confirm your order as soon as the payment is received, and you will receive a text or email with your order no and delivery information.

Estimated Delivery Time

Nanghub will deliver your nangs within an estimated time of 30 minutes after placing your order. We provide the fastest delivery services in Melbourne, Victoria, without allowing you to leave your home. We provide unrivaled customer service, lightning-quick delivery, 24-hour delivery services, and unbeatable prices.

You’ll find Nanghub to be fast, safe, and convenient to use when ordering cream chargers online.

Whether you’re looking to whip up the ideal slice of cake, desire delicious, flavorful cream on your beverages, or like to add a perfect finish to your set of desserts, we offer the highest top-notch cream chargers delivery to help you with your baking needs with the fastest delivery services without making you wait longer.



Nangs or whipped cream chargers are small canisters that contain pure nitrous oxide and are also called as cartridges (N2O). This gas is quite useful in the production of a wide range of beverages, desserts and for all your culinary needs.

Nanghub delivers Nangs, Cream Chargers, Cream Whippers, as well as all of your birthday celebration and culinary needs in Melbourne. Our estimated delivery timings are between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the area.

Bestwhip, Mosa, SupremeWhip, FreshWhip, iSi, InfusionMax, and more well-known quality brands are among the nangs we sell. Nanghub provides the highest-quality Premium Brands nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers, which are manufactured and certified to be 100% secure and pure nitrous oxide (N2O). Nanghub is the most reputable local delivery service, offering unrivalled customer service.

We accept cash, Paypal, PayID, credit card payment like (Visa/ Mastercard) with 100% Money-back guarantee. Our payment methods are safe and secure.

We will confirm your order as soon as the payment is received, and you will receive a text or email with your order no and delivery information.

Nanghub is the most reliable and dependable Nang delivery service provide in Melbourne. Your money is safe with us! Our riders are quick, dependable, and workday and night to make sure you have your Nangs on board, for all your baking needs. Balloons, cream chargers, and canisters of variety of brands are available to choose from. If you’d want the most up-to-date information about your orders and deliveries, and for direct orders and any further request, dial 0432597728.

Nanghub delivers across Melbourne and Geelong, with delivery rates varying based on the entire distance.

We are open 24/7. With our rapid delivery services, Nanghub is available for round the clock instant delivery services. We are operating every day of the week, as well as on weekends and holidays. No matter what time you require Nangs you will get them delivered at your doorstep!