Trusted by Customers

At Nanghub, we feel proud to provide the best and top quality whip cream dispensers for all your baking and drinking needs. Our customers agree that no other brand can provide such quality and price. Nanghub is the most reputable brand supplying nangs in Melbourne and Geelong for over many years. Our whip cream chargers, whip cream dispensers, and other high-quality products serve in eateries, cafes, ice cream parlors, and other retail locations all over Melbourne and Geelong. We offer a comprehensive range of nitrous oxide chargers and whip cream dispenser items in industry areas, including food, professional, and recreational cooking. Fresh whipped cream and culinary uses are well-known for our nitrous oxide products (which include whip cream chargers and dispensers).

The Nanghub Expertise is about having a strong desire for a high-quality product and providing exceptional customer service. We have established ourselves as a prominent competitor in the region and a leading brand. We’ve got everything you’ll need to take your cocktails and desserts towards the next level.